Friday, August 22, 2008

The Mumbai Local

The Mumbai local train... the lifeline of this metropolitan city...
It has been 2 yrs since it was attacked by a bunch of terrorists, and I still remember, I myself along with many other Mumbaikars had traveled through the local train the very next day to show my solidarity, and my love, the bond that I felt with the local train...
Come what may, the trains were there, in every aspect of my life... those late night movie shows at the Regal... that overnight trek... that first proposal and the blooming romance... those exam times and the last minute slogging... those million naps after a tiring day at the hospital.... Its just like a part of my family...

She's like the secret lover... the feelings are mutual, but the words are hard to express...

The other day I read these lines written by a woman commuter about the ladies special she used to travel in daily...

5:46 Andheri Local

In the Women's compartment
of a Bombay local
We seek
No personal epiphanies.

Like metal licked by relentless acetylene
We are welded -
Dreams, disasters
germs, destinies
Flesh and Organza
Odours and Ovaries
A thousand limbed
Million tongued, multi spoused
Kali on wheels.

When I descend
I could choose
To dice carrots
or a lover

I postpone the latter.

-- Anonymous


Heartfelt Words :) said...

Ladies' Compartment mein tu kya kar raha tha?!

Heartfelt Words :) said...

Swear! Trains are one of the most important part in the life of any Mumbaikar!!!