Monday, April 30, 2007

India VS Bangladesh -- A Rematch!!!

I was returning home today in the local train, when i heard him say...

"Today is the India-Bangladesh rematch from the World Cup"...


"Yes... India has challenged Bangladesh for a rematch.. they said they can beat Bangladesh, with the same players (though a few more weeks elder), against the same team, and at the same venue..."

I rushed home... cant miss this one ... Wow.. i hope India bt the shit out of Bangladesh.. anyways they were no better than Bermuda, i thought.. just our players having a very bad day....

All set.. tv and all turned on.. i sat on my bean bag and got ready.. this is gonna be fun!!!!

Again India won the toss and elected to bat...
The selectors had much debated whether to change the players.. but it was decided that they'll sport exactly the same team.. so here it goes...

Ganguly and Sehwag walk down the steps of the pavillion at the Port of spain hoping for a change in the history books...
Mortaza, the chap who destroyed India earlier, runs in with the first ball to Ganguly and whack!!!!
now thts a fitting reply to the humiliation India had suffered ealier.. a boundary on the first ball!!

The next 5 balls all went to the boundary!!! 24 runs from the first over.. Cant get better than this..

Next over, first ball to Sehwag and he smashes it through the covers for a 4!!!
And the next ball Over long on for a 6!!!

But all good things dont last forever , do they???
Next ball, he tries to smashes it again.. and volia!!! Caught at slips... sounds familiar, doesnt it??

Utthappa walks in, cracks a few boundaries and goes.. and after a short while, so does ganguly!!

Score 44/3 in 4 overs!!!

Tendulkar and Dravid start the recovery... They try to built up a partnership, a very drag of a match ensues... together they put on 65 odd runs in 20 overs before Sachin gets out (bowled again!!!)... and yuvraj walks in and out within a matter of a few minutes..

109/5 in 25 overs!! Still they can make a match of it.. Dravid was still fighting , a dogged 35!!

But then the inevitable happens... The looooooooooooooooong tail of India catches fire and gets charred to ash within a matter of 5 overs and 20 odd runs...

India ... 129 all out in just 30 overs!!!!!

The bangladeshis are jubiliant .... The Indians have buried their heads between their legs...

Can there be another twist in the tale??

Can India pull this off with a spectacular display of swing and spin bowling??

It seemed like when Zaheer gets the first 2 wickets for just 2 on the score... but that was the last and only wickets they'll get...
Aftab Ahmed and S.Nafeez , both strike half centuries and get Bangladesh thru... again...

I was distraught... I couldnt understand.. I mean what happened to Indian batting against Bangladesh??
They had just a few days back made a score of 356/4 against the World champs Australia...

Though the bowling was pathetic, i never expected them to get bundled out for under 150 against Bangladesh???!!!
After all, it was a matter of prestige, a national pride at stake... It was for my satisfaction, that It was just a fluke that bangladesh had earlier beaten India, that Indians werent properly acclimatised to the carribean conditions..

But i guess the writing was on the wall...

Im sorry India... I couldnt help u beat Bangladesh... Even on My PS2 !!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dida On Sale???!!

Yesss!!! U heard it right!!!

The "Most pathetic goalie for a top european side", as id referred to him in my previous blog, was put on sale by just another AC Milan fan like me, who thinks Milan are going downhill thanx to this goalie...

I can't believe this news made it to the front page of the No.1 selling daily in India (so what if it is on the top right hand corner??) ...

Apparently, Dida was put up on sale by this Milan fan On eBay , a couple of days back..
But even on eBay, noone was interested in buying this chap... After only 25 bids, His final value reached, at the time he was taken off the site, was a paltry $96.66 !!!!

Well Dida, Now that u know ur value very well.. why dont u just jerk off????

Here And There

My first attempt to be Wordsworth... Read On... ;)

I'm always here.
I'm never there.
I'm never, ever anywhere.
Excepting here, 'cause here is where I'm in.
But when I go from here to there,
My here comes with me everywhere,
'Till there is here, and here is where I've been..

Hope u liked it... More to follow... Watch this space "Psychosis"...

Friday, April 27, 2007

World Cup what????

I was reading the newspapers today... So went to my favourite sports section of the Times Of India.. no .. not cricket.. to catch up on the article regarding chelsea's victory over liverpool in the champions league semi final a night before... Unfortunately, I happened to read the World cup page... and then i came to know...

The World Cup Final is to be played on Saturday!!

Finally, I thought.. Finally the torture of 47 looooong days is coming to an end..

Finally, I'll be able to travel in the local train in peace, not getting to hear Cricket fans blurting out the last nights match stats..

Finally, I'll be spared of all the comments on Mandira Bedi's attire from all my female friends

Finally, Set max wont occupy the numero-uno spot on my remote, and ESPN Star will rightfully take its place back..

Finally, There will be a bit more space in the newspapers for something much more interesting and fun (read:football and F1)

Finally, I'll stop cursing ,cuz everytime i watch those f*** all pepsi adds on tv in which the kids say they'll bring the next wc home, i cant help myself from throwing maledictions..

Finally... oh.. finally... the day has come...

How im thankful to u Oh God.. that youve heard my prayers..

Thank you sooo much for knocking the Indian team out in the first stage itself.. (though i didnt asked u to get them ravaged in the way they did!!).. I was spared of all the cricketers adds being aired day in and day out on the tv..

But still some adds are being aired... Sachin tendulkar saying "Boost is the secret of MY energy"... Poor ppl from the BOOST brand.. their sales are gonna plummet like anything...
Irfan pathan asking a guy at the petrol pump.. "chauka ya chakka??" abbe chakke... pehle ek match to khel.. fir pooch chauka ki chakka... F***ing a**h**e...

And yeah... pepsi gold add.. in which a grp of kids getting their world cup jerseys stitched at a larger sizes , to b delivered 4 yrs later.. saying they'll b bringin home the next WC... I bet those kids wont b able to bring the International "GOTI" world cup.. forget cricket.. a**h***s...

The WC at the beginnin itself seemed doomed.. to be held in W Indies... the entire populatn of an island of which may fit in an eden gardens... there was hardly any full house..
To top it all it was a screwed up format... Super 8????!!! what next?? Getting in teams like sao-tome and principle, ghana, togo to play and start a super 10???!!!

For me, the WC went in this manner... The first match- West indies vs Pakistan.. yeah i actually saw that whole match.. Its the WC yaar!!

Then Bangladesh bt India and Ireland Bt Pakistan...

Arre aaj kiska match hai?? India srilanka?? do or die?? ohh... saw the first innings last 10 n indian 1st 10 overs.. tht was enuf.. India lost.. dead and buried...

Super 8s were.. Aaj kiska match?? Aus-Eng?? Aus-Nz?? theek hai yaar.. score sms kar dena...

Never knew when the semi finals happened as i was busy in much better stuff (Champions league semis).. and just got to know today that tomorrow, its finally getting over...

Australia vs Sri-Lanka..

Saw on the news channels.. they were carrying out public polls (smses costing 6rs each for answering that F*** all question.. like my D*** cares!!!), asking the "EXPERTS" their opinion.. the first expert being SABA KARIM(???!!!) Who the F*** cares man.. show me some NEWS!!!

Btw, the WC has been a real boon to many unemployed guys who cashed in a lot of moolah thru this WC... like Mandira bedi, Charu sharma, John wright... and the various "EXPERTS" on news channels like Saba Karim and Ajay Jadeja..
Arre, if our country is so full of "EXPERTS".. then y r u searching for a foreign coach?? y dont pick up saba karim and make him the coach, as he posseses this expert knowledge!!!

So tomorrow is the final.. Australia wins.. or if theres a Massive Miracle, Sri lanka..

After 6, the roads will be empty...
local trains and buses will be shit crowded at around 4-5 pm.. its a saturday anyways
the roadside stalls selling fm radios and portable speakers will be blasting away their 5 watts of speakers..
The electronic shops will be surrounded by hoards of ppl tryin to catch the match on the millions of tv screens in the shops..

And Me??? I'll be at a nearby Mumbai beach.. which will be obviously sparsely crowded, with my cam, trying to capture the april sunset... a day which i'll remember forever, a day when whatever little passion id for cricket died... RIP!!

Hey, Where are u catching the Champions League finals?????

And By the way, Can anyone tell me, How Important in Cricket..... is Football???!!!


Thud.. thud.. thud..

Damn it.. Its the f***ing roof again, I thought. Why cant the Government get the roofs of all PHCs made of concrete??

Then it came again... Thud .. thud ..thud..thud ..thud...

huhhh?? wht the....

I was jolted back to reality. Where am I?? I wondered for a second, trying to orient myself in time,space.. and person. Oh yes.. Tarapur...

It was June 2005, the month of my Rural posting in internship. Generally , rural posting is considered to be a real pain in the -u-know-where! But ours was different. Myself,Sakil and Raghuvir had opted for Tarapur Peripheral Health centre (PHC). At that time it was considered to be the coolest, the most lenient. The MO was my immediate one yr senior. So he asked us to do minimum possible work. Raghuvir, unfortunately,was later shunted to Chinchni PHC nearby, and the poor guy was having a hard time cuz his MO was a sluggard.. so he had to run both the OPDs and manage emergency cases at nights too.. While we were enjoying our 30 day vacation!
But this one day, Sakil had to go to Mumbai for his guitar lessons and the MO had to go away for some personal work. And Dr.Parag Mahale, was the only available MO at the PHC..

The monsoon had just begin, and since the PHC is near the sea and on open ground, strong gale and heavy rains had become a regularity at nights.. to top it all, there used to be frequent power cuts and load shedding in that area.Interns generally are not provided with a separate room to stay and they r supposed to stay in the PHC.But since the Driver of the phc used to stay nearby, we were given his room.It was bang besides the mortuary and the post-mortem room.But what the heck?? we were not afraid of all this. When the wind used to blow thru the night, the loose asbestos roof of our room used to rattle violently , and so, it was almost impossible to sleep during the rainy nights with power cuts and all...

Thud.. thud..thud.. thud.. thud...

It was a clear peremptory knock on the front door.. It was 2 am.. i struggled to get hold of my torch..

"Kaun???" , I asked sleepily..

"Doctor Saheb.. main Nandu.. patient aaya hai.. emergency hai.. jaldi aaiye.."

"Ha, aata hoon"... Shit man, id hardly slept properly and this patient...

Struggling to put on my clothes, i groped the entire room for my tool (read:stethoscope).. Ha, got it!!

I opened the door and looking at the rain and feeling the wind, i felt like by the time i reach the PHC, i'll be blown away.. I took out the umbrella , but it was no use.. I flipped over in an instance.. I rushed towards the nearest shelter, the post-mortem room..

If u think this story is creepy and has anything to do with the mortuary, read on... :P

Then i ran all the way to the PHC , which was about a 100 metres away...

And what was here... a huge mob had gathered.. there were 5-10 policemen too.. apparently, there was a fight between two neighbours and one of them was hit on the head with a rod..
Oh man!! This had to happen this night only?? An MLC (Medico-Legal Case)!!
There was no electricity in the PHC , and the generator wasnt working too! Brillianto!!!
Ok.. calm down Parag.. this is ur First patient which you've to handle on your own! I told myself..

"Sister, Ek sage wala andar, baaki sab bahar!!!" I ordered on top of my lungs...

"Patient kidhar hai??" The senior inspector and sister accompanied me to the emergency room..

There was blood all over the place.. He was a young guy.. about 25 yrs old..
He was lying in a pool of blood.. and to make things worse, he was getting hysterical looking at all the blood he was losing fast...

"Doctor saheb, main mar jaaonga doctor saheb..."

"Arre kuch nahi hoga!! main aa gaya hoon na.. shant ho ja.. Kidhar kidhar laga hai woh jaldi bataao".. I tried to control the whole situation, tried to appear as calm as possible, though my heart was pounding as fast as the Rajdhani express...( bad simile , i know ;)

"sister, suturing tray.. "

How i wish electricity would come back.. but it didnt.. i'll have to manage this case in a God damn torch light..
I examined him properly.. there was a long gaping wound on his scalp which was bleeding profusely.. Pulse Bp everything was within the normal range.. Thank God.. no internal bleeding!!

"Sir, Suture tray.."

huh?? Ya .. suturing.. Now what?? Ive never ever sutured in my entire life.. Though Ive done episiotomy suturing in my Gynaec posting 3 months back, but my surgery posting was in october.. And i'll have to do this under torch-light... sighhhhhh...

"Sister, Gloves..."

I asked the Sister to hold the torch and the scissors..

Ok.. here go the gloves.. I hope this goes off well..

"Sister, Guaze piece.." ok.. now lets take a look at the wound.. hmm.. about 6-7cms long.. and whts this.. a bleeder.. damn!! (bleeder: An artery which gets severed starts spurting blood)

Ok.. catch the bleeder first and then suture the wound.. Breath Parag .. breeeeeeeeeaaath...

Here it goes.. Local anaesthesia given all around the wound, Taking the catgut i tried to catch hold of the bleeder. drat!! its so small n i can barely see anything.. My spect correction is definitely gonna increase after this..
Finally i caught hold of it and managed to control the bleeder .. now to the main part.. scalp suturing..

"Sister, vicryl..."

Ok.. Parag recollect the basics.. needle perpendicular to the needle holder.. movements supination-pronation... ok.. here it goes..

Moment i touched the skin, the dude started jumpin n shouting... wow!! this is gonna be one hell of a suturing...
Ok.. lemme give some more local first...

"Arre chup baith!!!".. and then ssssatttaaaak.. the inspector had given one tight slap on his face... there was no need of any more local i guess, as he laid there like a cadaver!!

Ok.. where were we.. hmm.. the first ever bite..

I strained my eyes and Tried to pierce his scalp, applying all my force i could muster from my wrist... The scalp is a very "tough" structure to suture.. Suddenly, there was a give away feeling and the needle went thru in a split second... i hope i didnt pierce his skull .. cuz the force was so much that i thought the needle wud come out thru the other side of his brains!! ..
Thankfully it didnt.. and so i reinserted the needle thru the other side.. damn it was tough..
And the knot in place, Yipppeeee!!! My first suture on skin.. that too on my own.. and that too in a torchlight!!!!

Im proud of you Parag.. i told myself.. ok.. now about 10 more to go........

after 15 mins of struggling with the needle holder, the torch light, and an unco-operative patient coming out of the Local , i finallly managed to get the suturing done..

"Sister, Dress him please, ill complete the paper work..." .. felt nice to get Bossy!!! ;)

So i went to get the paper work done, which proved to be much more tedious than the suturing... but i wasnt complaining..
So inspite of 2 pain in abdomen cases, one delivery and 3 other minor cases coming to the PHC by the time i finished the paperwork, which i had to manage them, i was all the time thinking about what i've done today.. My first Suturing!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Silent Friendship

It was just another gloomy mid-summer afternoon. I was burning away time plugging into my ipod and sipping away Cold coffee, when suddenly i heard a huge commotion of crows below. I looked out of my balcony to see a young baby crow, pink beak and all, who had probably tried to take his first flight, dangling in mid air a few feet above the ground, with kite string entangled in his wing and feet , suspending him from the tree above... As he was struggling to get free, he was getting more and more entangled in the string, and behold!! Two neighbourhood bitches were standing below to have a fresh stock of meat to pounce on...

I struggled to put on my tee and rushed down with a pair of scissors. Kaali (the black one) and sukdi (the emaciated one).. yeah those were the names given to the bitches by my aji (grandmom).. looked at me and started wagging their tails, like im gonna serve them the feast.. Instead, i shoo ed them away and cut the kite string. But as soon as the young crow fell to the ground, He started running away.. and then started the cat and mouse game, but eventually i caught hold of him (its tougher to catch hold of a crow than a chicken!!) and free him of the kite string. I saw that his left wing was injured and so as my aji advised me, i applied some turmeric paste and placed him on a coconut tree branch, just outside my window...As he was injured, he wasnt able to attain a good flight. So I started feeding him everyday. The seed of a new "Friendship" had just been sowed!!

Id named him "Kau",guess it runs in my family genes to give such weird names to animals n birds.. but that was it.. He was Kau for me. As i saw him grow in front of my eyes, just the same way one sees their kids grow, there was some sort of a routine developing. This used to start at exactly 8 in the morning. As i sleep with the window open, Kau used to sit at my window sill every morning and start his alarm clock... Kaav-kaav-kaav... His call wasnt like just another crow.. it was more harsh but somewht subdued.. Also his distinguishing feature was a single white feather on his defective left wing. He wasnt able to fly, my balcony was the highest he used to attain. He had made the coconut tree branch his home, till a few months back when they chopped off the tree, then he shifted base to the nearby mango tree. Whenever it was lunch time, I used to call him out (making the weirdest crow noises that i cud have made), and i guess he used to recognise my "Crow-call" and "limp" away to my window. Afterwards i never used to call him.. whenevr it was noon, he used to sit and call me out.. as if he was telling me.. hey dude , im hungry.. u got something out there??

Later , as i started going regularly to college to study, It was my aji that started feeding kau.. and i guess their bond grew stronger as well. One day i came home early in the afternoon to discover an amazing thing... my aji was taking the siesta on the sofa and kau was standing on the arm rest near her head. And as i entered, he didnt fly away, just kept on staring at me, as if to say, welcome parag.. u came early today??!! And neither did i shoo him off.. rather i switched off the fan and let him sit there for as long as he wish .. and then later he flew away on his own..

Now even this started as a routine. Kau apparently used to come every afternoon in my house and sit on the sofa for a couple of hrs before flyin away. He even stopped "crowing".. as if he knew wht his presence meant to us. He was like a family member to me now.My aji tells me that he is a re-incarnation of my dearest pal Zankhan who had passed away a few months back.. this made me even closer to him.

Come rain, he used to shelter himself at my window, and later used to fly off. Later, he was seen more at my window than on the tree. I started talking to him. I knew he used to understand. I spend hrs talking to him. Whenever its tea/coffee time, i chat with him. Hes like my daily diary.. and the most important thing is he's the only who listens to me patiently.. When i was going through a bad phase in my personal life last yr, he was there for me. When i didnt do well in my exams this yr, he was there for me.. I used to go on talkin n talkin my heart out, and he used to sit at the window.. staring at me.. and then used to lower his head , like to tell me, go on. im listening!

Then one fine day, the ineveitable happened.. No nothin happened to him, but he did shit on my fav chair.. that psyched me out and i shoo ed him away. But i guess he understood his limits and from that day on has never entered my home again. I dont care when my mom calls me tht im crazy that i keep on talking with a crow.. and i dont care my dad shouting at me for ruining the window sill with leftover food which i used to clean up later..

No wonder i trust these "Silent" friends more than ingrate humans.. They listen to me.. and they r always here for me.. First it was my feathery friend "Bini" the pigeon, who unfortunately died in a similar state that i found kau in.. hanged by the kite string.. And now its Kau.. He is nearly 2 yrs old now.. an adult crow.. and growing by age everyday. I know he wont be around for long.. How i wish he had the human's life span...

Nowadays im going thru this bad phase of Insomnia. Thats why i keep my window shut so that kau wont wake me up at 8 like he religiously does for nearly 2 yrs..Last night after the watching chelsea bt liverpool i tried to sleep.. and after tossing and turning for a whole 1 1/2 hrs.. finally at 4 am ,i got up to open the window to let in some fresh air..
"Kaav"... i heard it.. and then i heard it again. There he was sitting on the mango tree besides my balcony, looking at me thru those black button eyes.. as if he knew what im going thru..
And this morning, when i woke up at 10 am, I realised what had happened. Inspite of the window being open, Kau had not come to wake me up.. as if he knew that i slept late.. He understands the stuff which even my mom doesnt..

And as im writing this "Testimonial" for my "silent" friend.. i turn my head to look over my shoulder, and i see him sitting at my window.. looking at his snap as im uploading it..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


For all those who still haven't read the predictions of Nostradamus, Here is the link.

Nostradamus - Writings of Nostradamus
Nostradamus - Writ...
Hosted by eSnips

Milan let down by DIDA again

Manchester UTD 3-2 AC Milan

This was the much awaited Champions league semi-final.. the clash of the 2 european giants..

Manchester united who are leading the EPL and who had annihilated Roma in the quarter finals, were up against the resurgent Milan, who had defeated Bayern at their own home... A tough match for both the teams ... but united held the advantage as they were playing at old trafford..

The match didnt begin too well for Milan as once again, the man standing at the goal-line, the brazilian goal-keeper Dida, floundered a simple catch from a corner,which saw the ball rolling into the back of the net..
Now how many times is this goalie gonna let Milan down???

Id never seen such a pathetic goal keeper for a top european side before..

Cut back to the milan-bayern match at San-Siro.. and Dida let in two peach of away goals that nearly nailed milan's progress in the league. As seen in the slow motion, He actually shuts his eyes when the ball is struck at him... as if he's defending himself and not the goal!! The first goal he let in was nonetheless, a disaster, but the second one was the worst of all... letting the ball pass thru his near post when he is standing within a forearm's length from the post!! Now thats sickening...

Though Kaka` s Individual briliance saw Milan pull one back and then take the lead in the first half, the defence again let them down in the second...

First, Maldini was taken off at halftime cuz of some ankle injury, and later, Gattuso.. the midfielder..
With the 2 strongholds of the milan defence and mid-field gone, it was just a matter of when and how man-u would strike.. and they did in the 59th min courtesy Rooney and another poor show by the defence..
With Gilardino taken off and replaced by mid-fielder, it was apparent that Milan wud sit back and try to salvage a draw out of this.. 2-2 away, not bad at all... I dont know why Gilardino was even playing in this match.. Just saw him when he gifted away a couple of offsides and won a solitary free-kick outside the box..

But Milan paid the price for defending too deep in their half for too long as utd started to shoot from almost anywhere on the field on the "Lost soul" Dida!! Finally it came down to the first min of injury time when a fast counter by Carrick and Rooney opened up their defence, and Rooney shooting from the right hand corner of the box into the goal at the near-post!!!

Yes.. the near post again.. Dida was sleeping at the far post... and he kept such a huge gap at the near post that as the commentator rightly said, that anyone cud have driven a huge red-coloured double decker bus thru that gap!!! yea.. not the siddhus ambassador but an entire bus!!

I dont understand.. why is Dida in the team...
Milan would rather play with the goal left open without a goalie and do better with an extra defender... Or else Carlo Ancellotti might do a better goal-keeping for Milan than Dida...

And to make things worse, Dida's contract has been extended for another 5 yrs!!!!!!!!!

Drat!! will have to bear that Asshole for another 5 yrs!!

Why wasnt Kalac, the 2nd goalie played?? he had performed much better in the serie A match at the weekend when Dida was sidelined due to an injury... Ancellotti knew how dida has performed in the previous match against Bayern Munich... Doesnt he understand, hes a brazilian national player and Brazil is not known for their Goal-keepers!!!

Why dont Milan buy out a good defence and a new Goalie???

Next week, its advantage Milan for they have scored 2 crucial away goals... and all they need is a 1-0 victory that will send them though to the 3rd champions league finals in 5 years!! And if they do, i'll be the most happiest creature on this planet.. Only Dida stands in their way!!

My combo for the second leg...

-- Play Inzaghi instead of Gilardino
-- Play Nesta and Maldini(if he is fit) for the entire 90 mins
-- Play Kalac instead of Dida

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nice Quote

Hey guys.. Couldn't help myself from posting this..

I came across this quote in todays Times Of India..

We Meet to create memories,
We part to preserve them.

How true, isn't it??
When i read this quote, I thought about the famous Hindi song from AAP KI KASAM - Zindagi ke safar mein..

A para goes like this..

Phool Khilte hai, Log milte hai
Phool Khilte hai, Log milte hai magar
Patjhad mein jo phool murjha jaate hai
Wo baharon ke aane se khilte nahi
Kuch log ik roz jo bichhad jaate hai
Wo hazaaron ke aane se milte nahi
Umra bhar chahe koi pukaara kare unka naam
Wo phir nahi aate, wo phir nahi aate

This is how i can interpret the song..

Like the flowers that bloom, we meet that special one in our lives who brings in happiness
But like those flowers,which wilt away in the winter,dont bloom at the arrival of spring... Once that special person parts away from our lives, though we may meet a thousand more people, but we never meet the right person we'd met before.. We may cry and call out for that person each and every day of our lifetime, but he never returns...

Pretty profound stuff isnt it?? ;)

Speed Reading

This may sound as if im doing a bit of "PR giri".. but cant help it.. this concept really appealed to my grey cells and i know they would to yours too..

I had been attending this Clinical Research course in KEM hospital for 2 months. It was the last lecture, and being the optional guest lecture, many had thought of doin something else on a saturday evening.. I thought i was fortunate enough to attend it cuz i got to learn this new concept.

It was taken by some ex KEM pass out, Dr. Hozefa Bhinderwala, who is now a consultant psychiatrist in Prince Aly Khan and Saifee hospitals. Though the normal lecture which he was supposed to take was on communicatio skills, he slowly started digressing from the main topic to his beloved topic of "Speed Reading"!! Now this was something new to all of us.. and what followed for the next one hr was pretty interesting stuff...

I'll try and put together some of the excerpts from the lecture...

What is Speed Reading?? Simple... trying to read fast... with speed..taking less time to read the same topic than some other person reading normally... but mind you.. WITHOUT AFFECTING COMPREHENSION !!

Now thats interesting, cuz anyone can just zip-n-zap thru a page within a matter of a few seconds.. but the fact is .. does he comprehend it?? Heres what he told us..

The human mind is a great entity.. It has the capability to process about 400 words per minute. But we normally just feed them only 200 words per minute.. So what happens is, after the brain is feeded with those 200 words, It is still waiting for the other 200, which never come.. so it utilises itself by wandering away and thinking about other non-specific things.. and thats why we lose concentration... Once we lose our concentration, we dont comprehend the stuff which we'd just read and we go back to the same sentence and start all over again, this time reading more slowly, thinking that we may understand it better.. and hence we start the vicious cycle...

True, we may understand it better if we read it slowly... but why do we have to read the same stuff again and again and lose precious time, when we can speed read it with much better comprehension??

As medicos, we on an average spend 8-10 hrs/day reading new things.. Even non-medicos for that matter.. so that makes it more than 2920 hrs or about 122 days per year just reading!!!!!! that is 1/3rd of a year right??? If only i could have read it faster.. and then save those precious hrs so that i cud ve caught my favourite movie... or maybe saved a couple of days so that i would have gone for a small beach-side weekend vacation!!! Time is really precious!!

Now im not going to tell you about what precisely he told us in that 1 hr lecture.. but i'll just brush through some more interesting stuff...

Suppose You are driving on a road on a bike, wearing a bulky helmet and all... and u are approaching an intersection.. and you see a car approaching from the right.. You dont rotate your head the entire 90 degressto the right to see the car,then stop your bike, let the car pass and then start again, right?? you rely on your temporal field of vision to see the car, and then adjust your speed accordingly to let the car pass by and then pick your speed up again... or rather even increase your speed so that you pass the intersection before the car itself!! ;)

The temporal field of vision is roughly 120 degrees .. 90 degrees with a helmet on.. nasal 30-40, and superior and inferior 60-70 each... Each and every word you read requires just 1-2 degrees or even less ... so if you can trust your 100 degrees.. why dont you trust 2 degrees of your own vision??

Thats because we are trained from our chilhood days that we are supposed to read each and every word before proceeding ahead.. Before you can understand what is written.. But in fact its not so..

Take the example which i'll be giving below...

How will you read the sentence written below???

"Many people have taken this song and really felt like 'awww it's so romantic'"

You will read it as... "Many--pause--people--pause--have--pause-- etc"

That is you take a brief break of a fraction of a second after each and every word before you move onto the next word...

While reading, the human eye does two kinds of movements- Fixation and Sacchadic movement. When You are reading the word, its fixation, while when you jump onto the next word, its a sacchadic movement. The actual reading occurs only during the Fixation phase when the image on the retina sends the signals to the occipital cortex and then to other areas where comprehension occurs. During the sacchadic movement.. its a blank..

So the concept of speed reading revolves around minimising these sacchadic movements or the no. of skipping that we do while reading a particular sentence. Let me show you how...

take the same example as above..

"Many people have taken this song and really felt like 'awww it's so romantic'"

Previously , we had fixed our eyes on each and every individual word and then moved on to the next.. In speed reading, to minimise the skipping we'll concentrate on words like

"People--taken--song--really--awww--romantic"... the crux being relying on your vision.. your 2 degrees of vision that I'd mentioned before..

when you read "people", u'll also read "many" and "have" written besides them.. and so on..
Yeah!! I know it sounds damn simple.. but its really tough to begin with... but its not impossible. You just need to retrain your eyes.. trust what your eye is seeing.. It is capable of doing much more than what it is being used at the moment.

There are numerous articles on the internet regarding Speed-Reading. Just google /wikipedia Speed-Reading and see.. many softwares available too.. This concept has been introduced in India only in recent years. Not many people are aware of this. A few books have also been written. The First illustrated book on speed reading called "SPEED READ" was written by Dr.Hozefa Bhinderwala himself under the Birla publications and was available at the Mazgaon book depot when he took the lecture.

He also conducuts workshops on speed reading on a regular basis.
Last workshop i knew was being held near Nehru science centre, worli. Its a 4 hr workshop with many exercises on how to improve your reading speeds.. Many professionals have been benefitted.. though some have not, but it all depends on how you apply yourself right??

You can contact the following person for the same..

Tasneem : 98204 18407

Dr. Hozefa Binderwala :

They charge Rs.800 for UG students and Rs.1500 for professionals..

Interesting concept, isnt it??

Happy Birthday Zankhan!!!

I came home late at night and was having my dinner when the phone rang...

"Hello..Swajeet bol raha hoon"

"Ha bol Swajeet.. kaise yaad kiya?"

"Kya kar raha hai"

"Kuch nahi yaar.. Abhi just ghar pahuncha hoon.. Man Utd ka match dekhte dekhte khana kha raha tha.."

"Aaaj Zankhan ka birthday tha yaar...."

Yes... 21st April.. It was Zankhan, my dearest pal's birthday...

It had been 6 long years since ive known him.. And we've had some amazing treks together.. many of them just the two of us..
And id never asked him when was his B'day.. neither had he..

We never had to.. there was no need of it.. Each and every trek we went together was a celebration, a celebration of the life God had gifted us, a celebration of a strong bond- a friendship that was growing stronger with each trek we went.. what was the need for celebrating Birthdays?????

Strange that i never knew ur b'day till date though the date when u went away is embedded deep in the abyss of my soul..
My penchants for peregrinations are so insatiable without you.. All the plans and all our dreams that we'd seen few years ago , atop just another mt. fort in the sahyadri, inside just another cave, under the same old twinkling stars chuckling at our insanity from the heavens.. and God was laughing.. laughing cuz he had some other plans for us... Maybe He liked our plans so much that He got interested in doing the same.. and thats why he took U away..

Hey U .... dude..up in the day when i'll join u two.. i swear to YOU that we'll ve an amazing time..

Till that day.. adieu my friend.. Happy Trekking!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Favourite Quotes from "The Wonder Years"

“All our young lives we search for someone to love. Someone who makes us complete. We choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope... all the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, there's someone perfect... who might be searching for us.”

“Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what's to come. But that night, I think we knew it was time to let go of what had been, and look ahead to what would be. Other days. New days. Days to come. The thing is, we didn't have to hate each other for getting older. We just had to forgive ourselves... for growing up.”

“Once upon a time there was a girl I knew, who lived across the street. Brown hair, brown eyes. When she smiled, I smiled. When she cried, I cried. Every single thing that ever happened to me that mattered, in some way had to do with her. That day Winnie and I promised each other that no matter what, that we'd always be together. It was a promise full of passion and truth and wisdom. It was the kind of promise that can only come from the hearts of the very young.”

“I guess sometimes the ground can shift between your feet. Sometimes your footing slips. You stumble. And sometimes you grab what's close to you and hold on as tight as you can.”

“Over the course of the average lifetime you meet a lot of people. Some of them
stick with you through thick and thin. Some weave their way through your life
and disappear forever. But once in a while someone comes along who earns a permanent place in your heart”

Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in diapers, the next day you're gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place, a town, a house like a lot of other houses, a yard like a lot of other yards, on a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is, after all these years, I still look back, with wonder.

Kevin: Margaret, can I ask you a question?
Margaret: Yes, Kegin.
Kevin: Why do you have 3 pigtails?
Margaret: Because you never know when you need an extra rubberband

I'm not sure how I did It, my memories begins with the crack of the bat, and the sight of the ball rising. Maybe that's not exactly what It happens. But that's the way It should have happen, and That's the way I like to remembering. And If dreams and memories sometimes get confused to well... That is It should be, because every kid deserves to be a hero... Every kid already is...

What if.....???

"TAXI...KEM hospital??"....

"Shit, I guess i'll be late for the morning lecture again..."

It was Akshay.. tall, fair guy in his early 20s.. a to-be-medico...and a brilliant one too! He had been working endless nights working on the ICMR research regarding decrease in morbidity after minimally invasive cardio-vascular-thoracic surgeries.. He wanted to make it big in life.. like all his other batch mates..

"Kitna hua ??... ye lo.."

Its Dr.Nadkarni's lecture.. I guess Im not late..

Akshay struggled the last few steps leading to the lecture theatre and was relieved to find that the professor hadnt arrived yet.
There were not many students for the early 8 am lecture. Akshay was happy to get the first seat. Dr. Nadkarni was his mentor..a brilliant cardio-vascular surgeon..

"One day.. I'll be like him.. maybe even better...." and then the front door opened and the professor entered..

"Todays lecture is pretty intersting.. Surgical techniques it says.. I hope he'll tell something about Robotic surgical techniques! Thats so cool!! Just with a controller like the controller of my PS2 .. i can perform a major surgery..."

Thud!! The front door opens ajar halfway through the lecture...

"Suresh?? aaah.. poor chap.. late as usual... Dr.Nadkarni wont allow him to take a step in the lecture theatre... Dunno whats wrong with him... What the.............................................. "

Akshay collapses on his notebook.. a bullet pierces right through his chest...

Bang bang bang bang bang.... khattaaakhat... bang bang bang bang bang bang...

Theres complete silence... Dr.Nadkarni's Fingers twitch for a while... and then they lay motionless, in a pool of blood on the floor.. just like ten others...

It was just another normal day in the life of eleven normal individuals.. who had their own dreams.. dreams to make it big in life.. And this maniac enters and takes them away in a matter of a few seconds and a couple of cartridges!!

Thats what happened in the recent Virginia shoot-out.. Normal human beings... Having their own dreams... Dreams that were taken away in a whiff! It can happen to you too...

Have you given a thought to it???

"Bheja" Fry???!!

Id been seeing the adds of this movie for quite a while on Tv channels and the movie seemed quite interesting.. Interesting only for the name and the caste.. Vinay, ranvir, rajat, sarika.. hmmm...

So last friday when the movie released, I was pretty happy to see that Movitime was showin it in the matinee ,Rs.50 show. So it wudnt ve mattered even if it would have turned into a disaster, as most of the movies i see do.. 50 bucks yaar!!! Called up Swajeet and as usual he was late.. 15 min for the show... and then the fun ride began..

Its one of those movies with a shitty-script.. a nonsense story line.. and well guys, thats why everyone should go and watch it!! Its a different movie from the normal mundane Im-trying-to-make-u-laugh sort of "Hilarious" movies... The name BHEJA-FRY is so apt for this movie , as it deals with how a Mr.Bharat Bhushan (a.k.a Vinay Pathak) makes a complete "Dimaag-ka-dahi" of a particular richie-rich Mr.Ranjeet Thadani (a.k.a. Rajat Kapoor).

Mr.Thadani is a music producer who likes to organise these friday night "Talent Hunt" dinners with his friends in which one is supposed to call an upcoming talent to the dinner and then these richies can make a complete fool of the poor talent. He comes across Mr.Bharat bhushan , who does nothing but eat-drink and breath... and so even shit-pee and burp/fart music!!

Ranjeets wife (sarika) detests his ways and hence leaves him.. And then the fun actually begins.. Ranjeet hurts his back and only bharat bhushan is there to help him.. instead of callin a doc he calls up his GF , A nymphomaniac (read:thurkey!!) When his wife comes, thinkin shes his gf sends her back.. and so on ...
To try and get ranjeet out of one problem, our dear mr. bharat bhushan , very innocently , creates another... and b4 tht problem gets solved..another!!

In the end .. a total chaos reigns supreme!!

The entire film revolves around Vinay Pathak and his superb acting of a simpleton and an irritating person.. Vinay has completely seeped into his character's skin and makes you laugh at his character's expense. Everything about him is perfect – his 'champi' looks, his loud attitude, his laughing style and his mannerism. His comic timing is flawless and he is truly an idiot personified!

Even though Ranvir doesnt occupy much of the screen time, He has as always, acted his part of an IT officer ASIF wonderfully!

Milind soman disappoints.. i dunno why is he even in the movie..

over all.. a real good movie to watch.. I was thoroughly enjoyin myself, Jumping in my seats.. though i dont think the couple besides me were ;)