Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Milan let down by DIDA again

Manchester UTD 3-2 AC Milan

This was the much awaited Champions league semi-final.. the clash of the 2 european giants..

Manchester united who are leading the EPL and who had annihilated Roma in the quarter finals, were up against the resurgent Milan, who had defeated Bayern at their own home... A tough match for both the teams ... but united held the advantage as they were playing at old trafford..

The match didnt begin too well for Milan as once again, the man standing at the goal-line, the brazilian goal-keeper Dida, floundered a simple catch from a corner,which saw the ball rolling into the back of the net..
Now how many times is this goalie gonna let Milan down???

Id never seen such a pathetic goal keeper for a top european side before..

Cut back to the milan-bayern match at San-Siro.. and Dida let in two peach of away goals that nearly nailed milan's progress in the league. As seen in the slow motion, He actually shuts his eyes when the ball is struck at him... as if he's defending himself and not the goal!! The first goal he let in was nonetheless, a disaster, but the second one was the worst of all... letting the ball pass thru his near post when he is standing within a forearm's length from the post!! Now thats sickening...

Though Kaka` s Individual briliance saw Milan pull one back and then take the lead in the first half, the defence again let them down in the second...

First, Maldini was taken off at halftime cuz of some ankle injury, and later, Gattuso.. the midfielder..
With the 2 strongholds of the milan defence and mid-field gone, it was just a matter of when and how man-u would strike.. and they did in the 59th min courtesy Rooney and another poor show by the defence..
With Gilardino taken off and replaced by mid-fielder, it was apparent that Milan wud sit back and try to salvage a draw out of this.. 2-2 away, not bad at all... I dont know why Gilardino was even playing in this match.. Just saw him when he gifted away a couple of offsides and won a solitary free-kick outside the box..

But Milan paid the price for defending too deep in their half for too long as utd started to shoot from almost anywhere on the field on the "Lost soul" Dida!! Finally it came down to the first min of injury time when a fast counter by Carrick and Rooney opened up their defence, and Rooney shooting from the right hand corner of the box into the goal at the near-post!!!

Yes.. the near post again.. Dida was sleeping at the far post... and he kept such a huge gap at the near post that as the commentator rightly said, that anyone cud have driven a huge red-coloured double decker bus thru that gap!!! yea.. not the siddhus ambassador but an entire bus!!

I dont understand.. why is Dida in the team...
Milan would rather play with the goal left open without a goalie and do better with an extra defender... Or else Carlo Ancellotti might do a better goal-keeping for Milan than Dida...

And to make things worse, Dida's contract has been extended for another 5 yrs!!!!!!!!!

Drat!! will have to bear that Asshole for another 5 yrs!!

Why wasnt Kalac, the 2nd goalie played?? he had performed much better in the serie A match at the weekend when Dida was sidelined due to an injury... Ancellotti knew how dida has performed in the previous match against Bayern Munich... Doesnt he understand, hes a brazilian national player and Brazil is not known for their Goal-keepers!!!

Why dont Milan buy out a good defence and a new Goalie???

Next week, its advantage Milan for they have scored 2 crucial away goals... and all they need is a 1-0 victory that will send them though to the 3rd champions league finals in 5 years!! And if they do, i'll be the most happiest creature on this planet.. Only Dida stands in their way!!

My combo for the second leg...

-- Play Inzaghi instead of Gilardino
-- Play Nesta and Maldini(if he is fit) for the entire 90 mins
-- Play Kalac instead of Dida

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Freaky Gal :-P said...

"Id never seen such a pathetic goal keeper for a top european side before.."

lmao!!>.. don't u think u r making a hasty generalisation???

juz think abt it..

rest... Milan lost..


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