Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nice Quote

Hey guys.. Couldn't help myself from posting this..

I came across this quote in todays Times Of India..

We Meet to create memories,
We part to preserve them.

How true, isn't it??
When i read this quote, I thought about the famous Hindi song from AAP KI KASAM - Zindagi ke safar mein..

A para goes like this..

Phool Khilte hai, Log milte hai
Phool Khilte hai, Log milte hai magar
Patjhad mein jo phool murjha jaate hai
Wo baharon ke aane se khilte nahi
Kuch log ik roz jo bichhad jaate hai
Wo hazaaron ke aane se milte nahi
Umra bhar chahe koi pukaara kare unka naam
Wo phir nahi aate, wo phir nahi aate

This is how i can interpret the song..

Like the flowers that bloom, we meet that special one in our lives who brings in happiness
But like those flowers,which wilt away in the winter,dont bloom at the arrival of spring... Once that special person parts away from our lives, though we may meet a thousand more people, but we never meet the right person we'd met before.. We may cry and call out for that person each and every day of our lifetime, but he never returns...

Pretty profound stuff isnt it?? ;)


Gaargi said...

well... the quote is really good.. n yep.. i gotta tell ya dis.. the interpretation of dis hindi song is really good but kinda damn sentiMENTAL.. :-D

cary on ur good work wid d blogs.. :-)

Priti Arya said...

It's true....just the same way as its not possible to put together a broken piece of glass. Hmm..great blogs! I would like to see you right something on the lighter side of life though...