Friday, April 20, 2007

"Bheja" Fry???!!

Id been seeing the adds of this movie for quite a while on Tv channels and the movie seemed quite interesting.. Interesting only for the name and the caste.. Vinay, ranvir, rajat, sarika.. hmmm...

So last friday when the movie released, I was pretty happy to see that Movitime was showin it in the matinee ,Rs.50 show. So it wudnt ve mattered even if it would have turned into a disaster, as most of the movies i see do.. 50 bucks yaar!!! Called up Swajeet and as usual he was late.. 15 min for the show... and then the fun ride began..

Its one of those movies with a shitty-script.. a nonsense story line.. and well guys, thats why everyone should go and watch it!! Its a different movie from the normal mundane Im-trying-to-make-u-laugh sort of "Hilarious" movies... The name BHEJA-FRY is so apt for this movie , as it deals with how a Mr.Bharat Bhushan (a.k.a Vinay Pathak) makes a complete "Dimaag-ka-dahi" of a particular richie-rich Mr.Ranjeet Thadani (a.k.a. Rajat Kapoor).

Mr.Thadani is a music producer who likes to organise these friday night "Talent Hunt" dinners with his friends in which one is supposed to call an upcoming talent to the dinner and then these richies can make a complete fool of the poor talent. He comes across Mr.Bharat bhushan , who does nothing but eat-drink and breath... and so even shit-pee and burp/fart music!!

Ranjeets wife (sarika) detests his ways and hence leaves him.. And then the fun actually begins.. Ranjeet hurts his back and only bharat bhushan is there to help him.. instead of callin a doc he calls up his GF , A nymphomaniac (read:thurkey!!) When his wife comes, thinkin shes his gf sends her back.. and so on ...
To try and get ranjeet out of one problem, our dear mr. bharat bhushan , very innocently , creates another... and b4 tht problem gets solved..another!!

In the end .. a total chaos reigns supreme!!

The entire film revolves around Vinay Pathak and his superb acting of a simpleton and an irritating person.. Vinay has completely seeped into his character's skin and makes you laugh at his character's expense. Everything about him is perfect – his 'champi' looks, his loud attitude, his laughing style and his mannerism. His comic timing is flawless and he is truly an idiot personified!

Even though Ranvir doesnt occupy much of the screen time, He has as always, acted his part of an IT officer ASIF wonderfully!

Milind soman disappoints.. i dunno why is he even in the movie..

over all.. a real good movie to watch.. I was thoroughly enjoyin myself, Jumping in my seats.. though i dont think the couple besides me were ;)


Anonymous said...

do u have to mention i was late for 15 mins....

Gaargi said...

i was very hesitant 2 go 4 d movie.. reason being simple.. d star cast... dey had such a start cast.. if it wud hv clicked d movie wud hv dhoomed!... if not.. it wud hv doomed.. but yeah.. luckily 4 me.. think it DHOOMED!.. d movie was 2 gud... gud 4 a change.. :-)