Saturday, April 28, 2007

Here And There

My first attempt to be Wordsworth... Read On... ;)

I'm always here.
I'm never there.
I'm never, ever anywhere.
Excepting here, 'cause here is where I'm in.
But when I go from here to there,
My here comes with me everywhere,
'Till there is here, and here is where I've been..

Hope u liked it... More to follow... Watch this space "Psychosis"...


Freaky Gal :-P said...

excelllent work... :-)

u cud actually hv god as a symbol 4 "I"..

Humanity as a symbol 4 "here"

worship place as a symbol 4 "there"

wat do ya thnk???.. :-)

Parag said...

whoa!!! see!! i told u.. u r good at serious stuff!!

Freaky Gal :-P said...


tat wasnt even serious... juz my way of thnkin.. but wud love 2 know y did ya write dis poem... wat do dey symbolise according 2 u???

Parag said...

I guess i already told u tht!!