Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Zankhan!!!

I came home late at night and was having my dinner when the phone rang...

"Hello..Swajeet bol raha hoon"

"Ha bol Swajeet.. kaise yaad kiya?"

"Kya kar raha hai"

"Kuch nahi yaar.. Abhi just ghar pahuncha hoon.. Man Utd ka match dekhte dekhte khana kha raha tha.."

"Aaaj Zankhan ka birthday tha yaar...."

Yes... 21st April.. It was Zankhan, my dearest pal's birthday...

It had been 6 long years since ive known him.. And we've had some amazing treks together.. many of them just the two of us..
And id never asked him when was his B'day.. neither had he..

We never had to.. there was no need of it.. Each and every trek we went together was a celebration, a celebration of the life God had gifted us, a celebration of a strong bond- a friendship that was growing stronger with each trek we went.. what was the need for celebrating Birthdays?????

Strange that i never knew ur b'day till date though the date when u went away is embedded deep in the abyss of my soul..
My penchants for peregrinations are so insatiable without you.. All the plans and all our dreams that we'd seen few years ago , atop just another mt. fort in the sahyadri, inside just another cave, under the same old twinkling stars chuckling at our insanity from the heavens.. and God was laughing.. laughing cuz he had some other plans for us... Maybe He liked our plans so much that He got interested in doing the same.. and thats why he took U away..

Hey U .... dude..up in the day when i'll join u two.. i swear to YOU that we'll ve an amazing time..

Till that day.. adieu my friend.. Happy Trekking!!!

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