Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Video clips from my last trek with Zankhan -- Naneghat-Jeevdhan (18-19-20 May 04)

The 18-19 May 2004 trek to Naneghat-Jeevdhan was my last trek with my buddy, Zankhan.. I came across this vcd after months of shuffling and turning my entire home upside down, and managed to upload a few clips on youtube to share it with u all..

Zankhan, you may not be here with us, but we'll always miss my friend! The "Falcons'" wings have been clipped off forever...

1] Introduction - The morning after the climb

2] Watch Myself and Zankhan make our favourite JUNGLEE SANDWICH :)

3] The first view of Jeevdhan from the top of Naneghat

4] Climbing the final portion of the Jeevdhan Rock patch

5] Watch Zankhan guide me thru the rock patch

6] This is how we filter the water on our treks!! :)

7] Daktar babu...performing a minor surgery on his injured foot!!

8] The end of our journey

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