Sunday, May 20, 2007

Being a "Waiter"

Sunday evenings are meant to be spent in restaurants hogging on chicken masala and sucking the marrow of mutton legs!! ;)
So this evening, Myself and my pal decided to try something different... Go to a dhaba!!
Dhabas are quite few in Mumbai.. for that Uve to go on the outskirts.. We went to a dhaba at Dahisar, on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway..

It was an open air dhaba... which was overflowing with customers.. truck drivers.. college kids.. high end car owners.. all of them..
The waiter was a young guy.. maybe around about 16-17 yrs old.. And he was the only waiter around.. He moved around swiftly.. from table to table.. He was a master , i thought.. master at what he was doing..
Taking orders..

Aye.. ek chicken masala.. aur do roti

Ek mutton sukha aur 2 butter naan..

Arre ek chicken biryaani laana jyaada.. jyaada teekha nahi banaana ha..

Aree idhar 2 roti dena..

char naan..

ek chaas..


phew!!! Orders were being bombarded at him.. from left- right and centre.. from top-bottom-from front and behind.. everywhere..
Poor guy , i thought.. i hope he gets my order right..

He came at our table to take our order..

"Chicken Liver masala milega??"

"Milega na saahab.. sab milega... chicken masala.. mutton masala.. chicken liver.. mutton liver.. bheja masala.. chicken kheema.. mutton kheema... bhah blah blah!!"

"arre bas bas.. ek chicken liver masala.. 2 butter naan.. aur tu kya lega?? huh.. ok.. ek mutton masala aur do roti..."

"aur kuch saahab??"

"nahi bas.. ek baat poochni thee... Order baarabar laaega na?? Itni orders mein kuch adla-badli nahi karna.."

"Sawaal hi paida nahi hota saab.."

"Tujhe itni orders yaad kaise rehti hai re??"

He flashes an Orbit white smile..

"5 saal se yehi kar raha hoon saab.. aadat hai..."

and then he rushes to take order at another table...

In abt 15 mins.. our order was on our table.. we gobbled our way to glory!!

But that guy still remained on my mind.. How can he possibly remember all those orders.. its impossible for me to keep that in my mind..
Or can I??
Yes i can...

.....Rewind...... July 2005.... EMS ward , KEM hospital.......

Aye intern.. Seetabai ko Iv line daal..

Intern.. bed1 ka Hb,cbc, Rft, LFT, Ps for malaria bhej de jaldi..

Arre.. trolley patient ko folleys tube, ryles, iv line aur routine collections..

Parag.. Trauma patient ko dus min mein central line jaani chahiye..

Arre Raamji ka HBV,HCV,HepB,HIV bhej de fataafat..

Arre iska ABG kar.. sab patients ke reports trace karke aa...
I wasnt bad, was I ??? A good "Waiter" In the making???!! ;)


Freaky Gal :-P said...

Orbit white smile

u MORON.. tats MY word!!!... Loser.. damn.. how d hell u always use my fav words.. X-(

n btw.. i HATE non-veg.. was almost abt to puke halfway thru ur blog.. but yeah.. u r a good waiter.. :-P

Parag said...

oye ghaas-phuus...
That Orbit white smile is reserved specially for u.. just like the grass grazing cow in the add..
how can ppl survive without non-veg??!!

Freaky Gal :-P said...

duh!.. ieat non-veg... but i aint a'pure' non-vegetarian!!

Freaky Gal :-P said...
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Radhika said...

wow doc!! or must i say waiter..whtever!!