Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Undergarments Galore!!!

Off late, there are plentiful undergarment adds being aired on the countless Cable channels.. There are quite a few interesting ones that i saw on Gemini and Udaya channel of a Superhero fighting of villians and then flashing off his chaddis... but since i couldnt fathom the toungue twisting linguistics.. I d rather tell you guys about a couple of adds on our normal Hindi channels..
To have an equal sexual representation.. theres one for the guys n one for the girls..

On this blog, theres always guys first (also, the girls add is a total sick add!!)So here goes...

Scene 1.. A group of young women are washing clothes at a dhobi ghat .. a couple of them tying their hair.. and an old crooked widow chewing pan.. with the background score going "OING....OING" at regular intervals..
then here enters this sexy, sultry lass... in a sexy purple saree , gracefully walks down the steps leading to the ghat with a bucket full of clothes to wash ... all the other women , esp the elder women give here a menacing, teasing look... Oblivious to their looks.. she reaches the ghat and looks at them.. smirks ..and then suddenly takes her husbands undi from the bucket and flashes it to the horror of other women.. ( Like shes flaunting her new expensive jewellery..hahaha)
And then with a lascivious look, she chews her lips (aaah!!!) and then starts washin her hubbies Undies... first slowly.. and then vigorously.. and then to the amazement of the other women, takes a big "Dhoka" and takes a big swing and bang... on the undies!!! And then she flaunts the undies by flashing them again in front of those women.. and then stretches the undies... (and as she stretches the undies.. the back ground OIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGG.. also stretches in the same proportn... :)
And then the catch line...
Amul Macho.. Crafted for Fantasies!!!

Now the ladies turn.. this is the most pathetic, sick add ive seen for a loong long time..
The add starts with Reema Lagoo (the Saas of the famous series "tu tu main main") staring as the woman-know-all.. Lakshmi.. in a studio show, "Lakshmi sab jaanti hai" being aired on tv in front of a live audience...
She starts reading the first "agony" letter..

"Lakshmi ji.. main koi bhi Panty khareedti hoon.. ek hafte mein kharaab ho jaati hai..
Uska elastic jaldi toot jaata hai.. aur fir Panty pehenne ke liye safety -pin (????????!!!) ka istamaal karna padta hai... please madat kijiye..."

And then our Reema Lagoo aka Lakshmi gets livid with rage and blasts out...

"Sabse pehle.. raaste par se panty khareedna band karo... dukaan mein jaao aur seedhe Lux COSY panties maango... Yeh dikhne mein to achchi hai hi.. kaafi tikaao bhi hai.. Aur iska elastic kitna bhi khicho fir bhi kharaab nahi hota...." And just like the previous add.. she stretches the brown panty with her hands for almost a mile..
(I dont understand.. does Reema lagoo keeps an extra pair of panties in her bag?? or did she know that she was going to be asked tht query???)

Finally, i guess i know what to look for when i go shopping for my undies next... Look out for the bloody elastic..


Narendra said...

Amazing adds!!!....

For girls though they can go international brands...Have u sseen "the most sexiest commercials" ...which is now off air thx to our Indian Government..
the add goes like this:
there are some 5 to 6 females in lift...suddenly the lift cut loss and having a free fall to ground...the lift comes to ground with big bang but suprzingly non of the females r injured...they just loose their balance...except one who is still on her feet looks down at the other females feet...and sees there "panties all down to there feet"...
then the lift dor opens and she wlks out of the lift with attitude ...and her head held high cuz her panty is in

Parag said...

hahahaha.. good one!!

Gaargi said...


2 good man!!..

really gud... its a dream 4 me 2 read such a blog juz sum 2 hours b4 my 'serious' literature paper..

thnx a lot!!>. thnx 2 ur blog i m feeling much better.. more relaxed.. n happy.. :-)

but.. while reading THIS blog.. i had a list of queries.. juz cudnt figure dese thngs out:

1. WHY THE HELL WERE U WATCHING Gemini and Udaya channel?!?! :-O

*rolls her eyes*

2. you write "To have an equal sexual representation.. theres one for the guys n one for the girls.." and then in the very next line u have written "On this blog, theres always guys first" .. :-| this speaks volumes abt u.. :-P

3. U HAVE actually narrated the WHOLE advertise... r u getting paid 4 d 'free publicity' tat u r doin 4 Lux and Amul!??!?! =)


4. phew.. n finally.. HOW D HELL DID U REMEMBER THE WHOLE AD... both of em??.!!. how many times did u c d AD temme...?!?!?! :-P :-P


P.s: kewl blog.. i hope my eliterature paper goes well aftr reading dis blog..

*fingers crossed*

Parag said...

answers to Gaargi..

1. Gemini and udaya channels r my fav channels.. watchin rajnikant n ko do their pelvic thrusts and other south indian paunchy heroes seducin the sexy lasses.. makes me feel proud of my own little paunchy...

2.To do justice to guys.. its guys first... though i HAVE GIVEN equal representatn to both the sexes.. (so wht if the guys get the first slot.. rnt u girls fed up being first all the time?? )

3.Abt gettin paid, rather amul gimme a months supply of chaddis for the free publicity... mine r totally tattered!!

4.Abt seeing the add ... lemme gues... a hundred times maybe??!! Enuf times tht tempted me to BLOG such stuff!!!

*rolls his eyes, winks ans smirks.. no a boisterous laughter*

I guess ur literature paper went good ...


Anonymous said...

d ad has been banned now...