Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Friends Forever..

This Psychotic- kiddish poem.. dedicated to all my my pals...

Pick out any song you please
Click.... We are in harmony
Stick with me, and you'll see
What a kick it is to be
My friend- Yeah, we're friends till the end

I'll travel..I'll go here and I'll go there
Tag along, we'll see most of everywhere
Hell!! this will be fun ..i Swear
Everyone will know that you're
My friend- Yeah, we're friends till the end

Sometimes i tend to be a little bore
We'll play a game, but we wont keep a score
Friendship has its own reward
Its fun, just to play the game
You win,I win..its all the same
Who cares who really comes in first??
Our friendship is our biggest Gain

So lets spell it out...
F someone asks of me
R you and me a team
I will say we'll always be friends.. yeah we're friends till the


gaargi said...

hm... gud work.. but i still think ur first one was better.. :-P

Parag said...

The first one is always special to me.. after all its THE FIRST TIME!! ;)

Radhika said...

cute one!